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A Great Day for Membase

Sharon Barr of Couchbase Published

Whenever I talk about Membase with candidates, employees, or friends, I feel more and more excited about what we are building and how it is going to impact the industry. Each discussion validates my belief that what we do *is* unique and a game changer. Just today, we had two important “wins,” one from a prospect who evaluated our technology against other NoSQL databases and chose Membase. I can’t talk much about it yet, but this is an amazing win. The second is the fact that IDC chose us as an innovative company to watch. Great day!

Every morning when I look at my calendar, I find myself looking forward several things. At the top of the list is the meetings in which I am going to discuss Membase technology, meet smart people, and demo a data management solution they can get excited about. I also look forward to the end of each day to see what improvements are in the latest build that make it even better for Membase users. It’s fun being in a position where people are hungry to learn about what you do and how you do it. After five years in a big company I now remember how much I love being in a startup: to be able to move quickly, change direction fast when needed, develop features in days that in other environments would take weeks or even months, wear multiple hats, and most importantly, be close to the customer. I like building meaningful systems that solve real problems. This company is an amazing place to be and it is getting better every day. And, by the way, we are *always* looking for great people to join us. If you’re one of them, just shoot me an email.

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