January 27, 2012

So whats the story about libcouchbase and Windows?

A couple of days ago I showed you an example program using libcouchbase to create a small application to put data into a Couchbase cluster, but the code wouldn't compile on Windows. That does by no means imply that libcouchbase doesn't work on Windows, its more that I was in a hurry writing the blog post so I didn't have the time fixing everything up in time for the blog post.

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September 23, 2010

Membase Server Beta 4 is here, with memcached buckets!

We NorthScalers have been hard at work and are proud to release Membase Server Beta 4, our final Beta release ahead of our general availability release. Go and grab it here! In addition to support for 64-bit Windows, we think you'll be particularly excited by a major new feature in the release: memcached buckets! Introducing Memcached Buckets You now can create buckets in your Membase Server cluster that behave exactly like memcached, which means you can use Membase Server as a drop-in replacement for your existing memcached setup. In a single cluster you can now share the resources between memcached buckets and membase buckets. Let's look at the differences between memcached and membase bucket types:

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August 30, 2010

NorthScale Membase Server Beta 3 is Here!

I am excited to announce that NorthScale Membase Server 1.6 Beta3 is now available and ready for download. This beta release adds a lot of new functionality and reflects most of what you’ll find in the final product. Highlights include:

  • Windows support
  • Multi-tenancy – allows multiple buckets on a single cluster including bucket quotas
  • “Cluster Overview” as a new monitoring dashboard
  • And lots of small improvements and bug fixes, of course!

Let’s take a look at these features in a bit more detail: Windows support is by far one of the most frequently requested features, and we are very pleased to offer it with this beta release. Beta3 provides 32-bit Windows support, with 64-bit support on the way (Note: The 32bit binary runs just fine on Windows 64-bit but is subject to the 32-bit memory limits). The Windows version provides the same feature set as our Linux version.

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April 5, 2010

memcached client and server source from NorthScale

I guess most people don't know this, but I'm the only member of the technical team in NorthScale located in Europe. I live just outside Trondheim in Norway, so it's pretty far from everything.

So why did I join NorthScale? A lot of my friends in Trondheim have been asking me that question. To them it sounds strange that I want to work from home for a company located 9 timezones away. I've known Dustin Sallings and Steve Yen a couple of years through their work on memcached in the community, and I was excited to hear what they where up to. I've worked closely with Matt Ingenthron and Eric Lambert from my time in Sun, so I knew that they already had a talented team.

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March 15, 2010

Surviving the Windows Wilds

When I first started developing software, it was always my intent to write Windows software.Then of course a friend of mine told me about this new OS called Linux. To make a long story short, I have been immersed in the Linux world for the past 17 years. More recently, at NorthScale, we've wanted to add support for memcached - particularly the NorthScale Memcached Server - on Windows. So, I've become well-aquainted with not only Windows, but the Mingw compiler and the Msys *NIX-like environment.

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December 28, 2009

memcached Windows 64-bit pre-release available!

In the spirit of giving for this season, I thought with all the excitement that I would put out a pre-release of memcached 1.4.4 for Windows 64-bit.

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December 16, 2009

memcached on Windows status 12/16/09

Great news on the Windows front! The status of memcached and libmemcached for the Windows platform

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December 8, 2009

memcached 1.4.4 Windows 32-bit binary now available!

I'm pleased to announce that memcached 1.4.4 for Windows 32-bit is now available

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December 3, 2009

Support for Windows Services for win32 memcached

I'm pleased to announce that our memcached win32 binary for memcached 1.4.2 now supports being able to be installed as a Windows service.

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November 24, 2009

memcached on Windows status

After the recent release of memcached 1.4.2 on Windows, we have been plowing ahead at full speed to try to get more progress on the Windows platform. Here's a general status

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