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Couchbase Encounters, November 2012

MC Brown Published

Some items from the Couchbase ecosystem that you might not have seen.

Stuart Gunter  has put together a brilliant Couchbase Maven Plugin for working with Couchbase Server within Maven builds. There's a brilliant blog about the features and installation process for more information:

Tug Grall has put together a great blog on building a chat application making use of the Node.js driver for communicating with Couchbase Server. The application uses Couchbase as the storage solution, and makes use of views for getting the chat data out again. There's full code available for the project, and you can read the full rundown of the build and development process, including some of rationale behind the architecture of the system in addition to the core code:

If you are using Couchbase Server 2.0 and want to try it out within an Amazon instance, or you just want to try out Couchbase Server without installing it by hand, we have some 2.0-beta based AMIs. We'll be updating these as new beta drops are made (inline with our main releases). You can create some instances using this page: 

Roy Enjoy has put together a great tool for Python called couchbasekit that provides a wrapper around the core Couchbase Python client library to provide document validation and a few more tricks. You can use this to help ensure that the documents you store in Couchbase Server have a particular JSON structure, specific fields, and even document relations.

 Have something to share with Couchbase that you'd like the Couchbase community to know about? Send an email to editors _at_ with the details. 

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