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C++ libmemcached webinar

Patrick Galbraith Published

Guest post: Patrick Galbraith

On Thursday, November 29th (tomorrow) Padraig O'Sullivan, a graduate student and Drizzle team member extraordinaire and amazing developer who has worked on a number of projects both for Drizzle and libmemcached-- and who also helped me get the memcached functions for Drizzle off the ground is giving a webinar on the C++ API to libmemcached.

As the site mentions, this webinar will explain the the functionality of memcached and how it can be used to scale applications, providing a "technical deep dive" into libmemcached's C++ interface. Also, presented will be the current status of the memcached (as well as libmemcached) project, future development goals and how to participate in the memcached community, something Dustin has recently posted about.

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