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October 26, 2010

Why Membase Uses Erlang

Less and less often (because Erlang is becoming more popular), I’m asked why Membase chose to use Erlang for our cluster management and process supervision component. Common alternatives people suggest are Java, C++, Python, Ruby, and, more recently, node.js and Clojure (which would be my top choice if Erlang were off limits to me).

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October 25, 2010

NoSQL is Growing, Not Slowing

GigaOm is definitely stoking the NoSQL discussion by asking whether scalable SQL databases have taken the momentum out of the NoSQL movement. I interpret recent market events somewhat differently however, and want to offer an alternate perspective.

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October 18, 2010

Regional Membase Meetups Featuring Local Users

It’s been great to see the interest grow in Membase NoSQL database technology since the open source project was established in June. There is a lot of demand for technical information and use case examples (especially about what Zynga is doing with the technology), and so…

Starting next week, you’ll start to see Membase meetups in major U.S. cities. Membase project leaders and local users will lead the meetups, covering topics such as:

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October 17, 2010

Writing your own storage engine for Memcached, part 3

Right now we've got an engine capable of running get and set load, but it is doing synchrounus filesystem IO. We can't serve our client faster than we can read the item from disk, but we might serve other connections while we're reading the item off disk.

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October 14, 2010

Starting Membase with NodeJS

Happily, I've recently found an intersection of tasks that I can roll into a single, quick, unified project.  Here's a small subset of my to-do list...
- build some automated Membase/Moxi cluster testing, with a large number of nodes
- show how folks can use TAP streams in Membase for great good
- learn more about that other new hot thing, nodejs
- blog more

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October 12, 2010

Building membase from the sources...

I thought I should share some information about my personal development model for membase.

I've set up a "sandbox" where I'm doing all of my development in with the following commands:

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October 12, 2010

Membase and Cloudera Integration

Today is an exciting day for Membase. A number of us are attending Hadoop World 2010 in New York City, and if the event reception tonight is any indication of things to come tomorrow, it is going to be an event I’d have hated to miss. A very smart crowd of data scientists on the leading edge of applying Hadoop, and Membase, to solve some extremely interesting, and diverse, application and data management problems.

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October 11, 2010

Membase Server is Now Generally Available!

I am proud to say we have just released Membase Server 1.6 for general availability. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our hundreds of beta users, who have worked with us over the past few months providing excellent feedback and helping us drive the product forward. Thank you!
Here are some of the things that stand out to me as we release the product to market:

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October 8, 2010

Writing your own storage engine for Memcached, part 2

In the previous blog post I described the engine initialization and destruction. This blog post will cover the memory allocation model in the engine interface.

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October 5, 2010

A Great Day for Membase

Whenever I talk about Membase with candidates, employees, or friends, I feel more and more excited about what we are building and how it is going to impact the industry. Each discussion validates my belief that what we do *is* unique and a game changer. Just today, we had two important “wins,” one from a prospect who evaluated our technology against other NoSQL databases and chose Membase. I can’t talk much about it yet, but this is an amazing win. The second is the fact that IDC chose us as an innovative company to watch. Great day!

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