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June 7, 2011

New Operations in Membase

[This post also appears on Dustin's github blog.]

We built a couple of new protocol operations for people building applications. The general goal of adding an operation is to keep it orthogonal to other commands while enhancing the functionality in a way that lets you do things that couldn’t be done before, or at least were common and difficult to do efficiently.

Here is a description of the new commands and an idea of how they might be used.

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May 27, 2011

Membase Server 1.7 Developer Preview

With the general availability of Membase Server 1.7 just a few weeks away, the final developer preview beta release is now available for download and provides a great way to take a peek at the new version and experience the new features.

The release combines lots of very user-visible changes along with significant “under-the-hood” improvements to further enhance elasticity and robustness of Membase Server clusters.

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May 13, 2011

Couchbase Momentum: NoSQL on the Rise

When we announced the Membase and CouchOne merger, it was thrilling to see the community share our excitement about the merger, and provide such positive feedback about the potential of bringing the CouchDB and Membase NoSQL technologies together.

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May 2, 2011

Mobile Couchbase for iOS Beta

Today marks a big day for Mobile Couchbase – our first release! This beta release for iOS is designed to initiate our release process, and to give developers a chance to get started using Mobile Couchbase, so we can incorporate feedback into the product.

The beta files are available via download from our Github project. 

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April 12, 2011

Focused on Building Great NoSQL Software

Today we let our hosting users know that we are transferring our Apache CouchDB hosting service to a new company called Iris Couch. The hosting offering is still in beta but close to being generally available, so it was important that we make some decisions about our ability to build both the world’s best NoSQL software and build a great hosting service. In a small company it’s extremely important to focus on as few things as possible and do them really, really well.

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March 17, 2011

GeoCouch: Bulk Insertion

The new release of GeoCouch improves the spatial index building time a lot (up to 10x). This comes from using a new bulk insertion algorithm. The spatial index (an R-tree) is implemented as an append-only data structure — just as CouchDB's B-trees are — which benefits from the nature of bulk insertions by allowing large blocks of the index to be appended at one time.

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March 17, 2011

New release: GeoCouch as Extension

A new milestone has been reached: GeoCouch is now an extension for CouchDB that can be easily installed with your already running instance of CouchDB. Installing the GeoCouch extension is as easy as using the GeoCouch Git-based source with your existing CouchDB source base (>=1.0.2).

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February 16, 2011

An emerging data management architectural pattern behind interactive web applications

The user-data connection is driving NoSQL database-Hadoop pairing

AOL Advertising runs one of the largest online ad serving operations, serving billions of impressions each month to hundreds of millions of people. AOL faced three data management challenges in building their ad serving platform:

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February 15, 2011

Paying Attention to what Time it is

First, the news.  I've just posted a release candidate for spymemcached 2.6.  The current prerelease Membase vbucket aware client is also based on that code.

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