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November 26, 2014

Open Source, Community, and NoSQL

I’m passionate about two things in my professional life: open source philosophy and distributed databases. I embraced open source philosophy at Red Hat. It’s a monastery for open source monks. Today, I continue to respect and admire Red Hat. I joined Couchbase for the open source, distributed database: Couchbase Server.

I wanted to know if our customers and community embrace open source philosophy too. I searched GitHub. This is what I found.

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November 19, 2014

Interview with the Ghost of MongoDB Scalability

Are you looking for my interview with the Ghost of MongoDB Scalability?

Well, I moved it to my personal blog because it is, after all, a fictitious interview ;)

Read the interview here. Enjoy!

November 17, 2014

Lifecycle of a Node in Couchbase Server Demystified: Adding & Removing Nodes, Rebalancing & Failover

One of the top attributes of Couchbase Server is its simplicity when it comes to deploying and managing a cluster. Changing the topology of a cluster can be done simply within couchbase through a few actions and few states AND that's what I will present in this post. 

Every node is identical in Couchbase Server in the binaries it carries and services it provides. As more nodes get added to the cluster, they mostly inherit settings from the first node, though you have options to configure certain settings per node like data file location.

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November 14, 2014

Couchbase at Sky TV

At October's Couchbase London meet-up Julien Gagnet, a developer from BSkyB, spoke about how they've been using Couchbase for their SkyiD user profile service.

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November 13, 2014

Distributed Databases and Replication Design

One of the most important elements of distributed database architecture is replication. In fact, it defines the database architecture. It determines whether or not the data is consistent / available.

Master / Slave

Writes are executed on master nodes, replicated to slave nodes. If consistency is required, reads are executed on master nodes. If it is not, reads are executed on master nodes and / or slave nodes.


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November 12, 2014

Data modelling: when to embed, when to refer

One of the big document database modelling questions is: how far do I go with denormalisation?

When working with relational databases we're used to strictly normalising our data: we hold a canonical, non-duplicative, instance of each item of data. That gives us almost unlimited scope for queryability and makes consistency a breeze.

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November 5, 2014

Couchbase .NET SDK 1.3.10 Now Available!

This is bug fix and maintenance release for the 1.3.X version of the Couchbase .NET Client. It contains a number of bug fixes and a performance enhancement specific to add/remove node and rebalance scenarios. It is suggested that users of earlier versions of the Couchbase .NET 1.3.X client upgrade to this version.

What’s in this release?

The following tickets are included within this release:

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